TIMT review


天气热。所以很想喝奶茶。unfortunately the only available TIMT around my area is from the “country name+ fast” chain restaunrant which t has condemned for years.
Was told they have improved. So decided to pang chance.


couldnt even hold anything without shaking…


Ok first of all i was very happy the person serving me was Thai. So i spoke to her in her native language. Happiness.

I asked for “wan noi” if you have been following my fb post you will know what it means. otherwise…
here goes


apparently the tea is pre-mixed. which means she cant adjust the level of sugar.
so she could only add water..


i know no link la

i know no link la


one sip. all it took was one sip.

kill me


no religious pun intended.


i had condemned this brand for it’s horrible food. in my fussy opinion la. i LOVE thai food so whoever pway pway my thai food kena blacklist. in this case. it’s for life.


first of all, the TIMT:

T THAI: yes they used the thai black tea leaves

I ICED yes it’s chilled. this one i cannot complain

M MILK not diluted. but milk taste over powered by the tea

T TEA WAH LAU SIBEH SIAP. you know the siap? like 澀。 it’s like you put a tea bag in water for too long then you drink and you realised WAH it tastes like shit 

so bad. and it costs a frigging $5.20!!! thats like WHAT 125 baht?!?!?!!


dont even want to do the maths now.


i wanted to throw it away. but it’s really too much money to throw straight to the bin.

i tahan-ed… but really didnt enjoy it. so half a cup. and i threw the white flag.




recovery will be a long journey for this one…

so in a few words:

price: bad
taste: bad
service: good
overall: you figure it out yourself.

i should have just spent $1.10 on sweetened milk + $1.05 on evaporated milk since i have my trusty NUMBER ONE BRAND tea bags… and make my own TIMT!!!! damn!!!! not too late!!

off to the supermarket now!