T’s humble trips around Singapore, Thailand, Thailand, Thailand… and occasionally other places..

started backpacking in 2006.
first trip was to Thailand for 3 weeks.
then a 7 weeks trip around parts of SEAsia – Thailand, Laos, Kunming China, Vietnam, Cambodia then Thailand again.

the bug didnt go away. no. not the traveling bug. that isnt even a bug. that’s my 7th sense.

i meant, the bug to explore Thailand. for 4 years since 2006, my travels (when i had a choice) didnt go anywhere out of Thailand.

so yes for 8 years, there was never a year that went by without me leaving my footprints and farts in Thailand.

decided to start this blog also to let my family understand why i am always going away. and to let them be assured that when i travel, i mean serious business. not partying and getting wasted or doing irresponsible things. but really experiencing life in another country and am responsible and independent.

and here i am, finally feeling the calling to sit in front of the screen, with all the disorganized photos and memory cards… ready to join in the bandwagon of travel blogging… and most importantly, REACHING OUT TO KIND SOULS WHO WOULD SPONSOR ME FOR MY VENTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (within and beyond Thailand of course)


the world is big and life is now. so take time to travel, slow down and breathe…

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