Arrived from Mandalay after a bumpy 14 hours bus ride. Gosh. And the bus wasnt as comfy as  the previous ones.

Lady beside me was probably carsick. *spare you the details*

I was thinking so much about the new friends i made in Mandalay. The lovely sunsets, the motorbike rides… the food… the chance to speak Thai(yay!)

And i noticed the kids hawking on streets are so different from the ones in cambodia.

In cambodia they go “konnichiwa, annyeong haseyo, ni hao, sawadee ka, hello, lei hoi… want to buy drink from me? You my friend come. Buy drink from me. 1 dollar, come.. 1 dollar….”

In Myanmar its so different.
“Hello. 300kyat? 200 kyat? No understand? Haha mingalabar, jayzudingbade, byebye!”

Okie. Theres a group of angmoh sitting here with me. They only talk among themselves.
I suddenly miss my dorm mates in mandalay. From shanghai, zhejiang, korea and germany.. but we didnt leave anyone out.  I guess asians generally make friends more “openly”.


One thought on “Mawlamyine

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