En Route Myanmar Sept 2014: Arrived Yangon

previous post content got deleted accidentally. oh well. too lazy to edit photos. so whatever you see here are all.. as real as it gets.
anyway, i flew with Jetstar this time.
WAH SHIOK ONLY. i was very lucky they gave me the front row with SHIOK legspace. wpid-20140908_111111.jpg

wah i happy la. want to go toilet, seat B and C no need stand up. i just squeeze squeeze a bit can go out. Thank you Jetstar!!!

aliphoon also very excited.

wpid-20140908_114304.jpg wpid-20140908_092430.jpg

the landscape was really really breathtaking but couldnt take because.. must switch of gadgets ma.
arrived Yangon..wpid-20140908_114009.jpg

wpid-20140908_115443.jpg wpid-20140908_115432.jpg

there was so much touting! but rest assure, they really arent out to scam. everyone charges about the same price.

“hello i taxi driver” “hello i drive taxi” “hello i real taxi driver”…
so i took a taxi to the Aung San stadium to get my night bus ticket.
wpid-20140908_123320.jpgday 1 aungsan stadium

had a pretty good lunch. except it was really oily..1st cafe yangon

day 1 fried rice

not a fan of sodas but the weather so soooooooo warm! and honestly i really think this fried rice is AWESOME despite the overload of oil. learnt my first Burmese word from the owner. “Gao deh” which means.. Good!

day 1 yangon book street
walking down the street, i did have an impression i was in Hanoi..
day 1 yangon street

walked past a cinema and decided that since there’s aircon.. and i was a film student.. it made sense to watch a local film.
but the tickets were all sold out.. so i had to buy from the black market. wahhhh i feel so honoured to actually get the chance to pay for a black market ticket!! anyway i blogged about the film before. check it out here.

day 1 cinema
day 1 inside cinema
they also need to mari kita before the show one.

i noticed something puzzling. the movie was scheduled to screen at 1pm. but only starts at 1.30pm and people were still coming in at 2pm…

day 1 outside cinemashow ended around 5 and then i walked back to the ticketing booth which is just opposite the railway station.
day 1 train track day 1 train stationday 1 train station front

day 1 shwe mingalar
Shwe Mingalar bus company.

the pick up tuktuk came and ferried me and some other people to the bus station.day 1 people on truckday 1 men on truck
people squeeze until like sotong, we sit until so shiok. whoops..

so, on my tuktuk there was a young local (probably early 20s) who saw that i was alone. he could speak very good english. i later found out that he was a sailor when he served the military. he was with his aunt but alighted with me (about 10mins walk away from his initial stop), walked me to my bus, we were too early, so he took me to a nearby teashop and said “let’s have a tea, but I PAY okie.” there, he wrote down notes for me, in Burmese, so i could show the local where i was heading. wrote down his phone number, his aunt’s number, gave me a roll of toilet paper because “you will need it”.
then he sent me up the bus, told the people sitting around me to take care of me, told them where i was heading so they could alert me when i arrive, before wishing me good luck and take care…

day 1 guiren
thank you Wai. your kindness, generosity and hospitality gave me a lot of assurance and warmth. =]

day 1 moon
and because it was.. 15th of the 8th lunar month.. Mid Autumn festival…

oh oh oh!!! and this bus is damn cool because…
GOT POWER PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahahhahaahahaha

EXPENDITURE for day 1:

1. taxi from airport to stadium : 7000kyat (10sgd/7usd)
2. bus ticket to taungyi: 15500k
3. lunch: fried rice + pepsi: 1800K
4. black market ticket for movie: 1000k
5. grocery at Ruby Mart: 3500k

total: 28900kyat: 29USD/40sgd

so this marks the end of day 1. more to come in next posts!!
Inle lake.. if you saw my photo on instagram/fb you should know what’s up

teehee!! T.


Arrived from Mandalay after a bumpy 14 hours bus ride. Gosh. And the bus wasnt as comfy as  the previous ones.

Lady beside me was probably carsick. *spare you the details*

I was thinking so much about the new friends i made in Mandalay. The lovely sunsets, the motorbike rides… the food… the chance to speak Thai(yay!)

And i noticed the kids hawking on streets are so different from the ones in cambodia.

In cambodia they go “konnichiwa, annyeong haseyo, ni hao, sawadee ka, hello, lei hoi… want to buy drink from me? You my friend come. Buy drink from me. 1 dollar, come.. 1 dollar….”

In Myanmar its so different.
“Hello. 300kyat? 200 kyat? No understand? Haha mingalabar, jayzudingbade, byebye!”

Okie. Theres a group of angmoh sitting here with me. They only talk among themselves.
I suddenly miss my dorm mates in mandalay. From shanghai, zhejiang, korea and germany.. but we didnt leave anyone out.  I guess asians generally make friends more “openly”.

mingalabar !

it’s really the M trip.
M for Myanmar, mandalay, mawlamyine, mosquitoes, Man Man Lai.. the internet is really man man lai. and sometimes just doesnt Move it move it… (so i doubt there will be much photos to show today)

day one was goed. watched a myanmar movie by coincidence. and coincidentally, the movie’s name was By Coincidence. so coincidental!

the usher was cool he helped me get a cheaper black market ticket and led me to the ENTRANCE only to exit at the end.
and right outside, people were giving free Milk. wah lucky leh.

anyway while on my way to the Aung Mingalar bus station to take night bus to Taungyi, i met a burmese who could speak very good enligsh. he accompanied me all the way to my bus terminal, wrote down directions and some words in Burmese for me, waited for me to board my bus, informed the people sitting nearby where i am heading and asked for their help to take care of me. WOW!!!!

so the two ladies paid attention to me along the way and helped me find my way to township so i could change a bus to nyaung shwe, where i transfered to Inle Lake.

very Mafan hor? so much Moving. okie i tried adding ONE photo. but it is taking too damn long to load.


so thats all for now!

TIMT review


天气热。所以很想喝奶茶。unfortunately the only available TIMT around my area is from the “country name+ fast” chain restaunrant which t has condemned for years.
Was told they have improved. So decided to pang chance.


couldnt even hold anything without shaking…


Ok first of all i was very happy the person serving me was Thai. So i spoke to her in her native language. Happiness.

I asked for “wan noi” if you have been following my fb post you will know what it means. otherwise…
here goes


apparently the tea is pre-mixed. which means she cant adjust the level of sugar.
so she could only add water..


i know no link la

i know no link la


one sip. all it took was one sip.

kill me


no religious pun intended.


i had condemned this brand for it’s horrible food. in my fussy opinion la. i LOVE thai food so whoever pway pway my thai food kena blacklist. in this case. it’s for life.


first of all, the TIMT:

T THAI: yes they used the thai black tea leaves

I ICED yes it’s chilled. this one i cannot complain

M MILK not diluted. but milk taste over powered by the tea

T TEA WAH LAU SIBEH SIAP. you know the siap? like 澀。 it’s like you put a tea bag in water for too long then you drink and you realised WAH it tastes like shit 

so bad. and it costs a frigging $5.20!!! thats like WHAT 125 baht?!?!?!!


dont even want to do the maths now.


i wanted to throw it away. but it’s really too much money to throw straight to the bin.

i tahan-ed… but really didnt enjoy it. so half a cup. and i threw the white flag.




recovery will be a long journey for this one…

so in a few words:

price: bad
taste: bad
service: good
overall: you figure it out yourself.

i should have just spent $1.10 on sweetened milk + $1.05 on evaporated milk since i have my trusty NUMBER ONE BRAND tea bags… and make my own TIMT!!!! damn!!!! not too late!!

off to the supermarket now!



the tantalizing food trip Hong Kong Macau 2014

headed to Hong Kong and Macao earlier this year.

thank you Mr Bird for offering us a space!



okie since it’s a food trip. there shall only be food.

MIDO cafe. famous for TVB series.

hong kong style milk tea! gao gao super shiok

hong kong style milk tea! gao gao super shiok

when in hongkong, two is never too much.

when in hongkong, two is never too much.

and MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!
macoroni in tomato soup!

i am really salivating as i type...

i am really salivating as i type…

oh there was also this Cookie shop

didnt get a chance to buy this because the queue so freaking long...

didnt queue for this because the waiting time in the queue was TOOOO LONG. 2-3 hours wait!!
this one is at tsim sha tsui area, beside holiday inn. follow the queue…


okie. actually we spent a lot more time in macao. because i insisted.
i prefer macao way more than the busy hong kong. it’s just like another singapore.
with bigger land and nights that are forever young…

so here goes.. MACAO!

always ready for photos. heehee

always ready for photos. heehee

Cotai express rocks. the vip seats is SHIOK one.

Cotai express rocks. the vip seats is SHIOK one.

was very lucky. a friend had 50mop discount voucher. so we decided to take the VIP seats.
wah is shiok one lor. dont tell you how shiok la. but it’s worth the money. just go for it.
less people, quieter and much more peaceful

*the standard seats are filled with people heading there to gamble… and are usually very loud people… ahem*


arrived and hungry. my reliable source + personal guide told me there’s a shiok sandwich and toast shop just 10 minutes away from where i stayed. wah famished!!!


how can anyone resist these staple food

how can anyone resist these staple food

YES JU PA BAO!!!!!!!!!!! pork chop bun!!! juicy savoury tender.. ahhhh shiok ttm

and reliable source plus personal guide told me there’s a REALLY GOOD coconut ice cream stall just 5 mins away

really shiok coconut ice cream!!

really shiok coconut ice cream!!

reliable source plus personal guide also said.. theres incredible soya beancurd just 30 seconds away….




softttttt and lightttt and melts in your mouth. i can still remember how it tastes…regretting blogging at this hour..

wah really really craving for this now man.

good luck in finding this shop!

PS i dont like sharing address of all the good finds. but you can send me a private message and i will consider sharing my secret finds.

after all the walking in the drizzle for shiok food, i had more energy to find the next place for dinner…

visited this place during a performance trip in 2012. and couldnt stop thinking about it.
chilled pork knuckles with wasabi dip.


T is not a meat person. and seldom take pork. but this one… cannot resist!!


had this Portuguese baked rice..


Portuguese curry with rice…




DURIAN CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Dont’ be fooled by this harmless looking thing.  it is all a facade.


WAH THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. durian puree with durian cream. a bit pricey but worth every cent.
the previous time i was there, we had this EVERY NIGHT. it didnt help that we were staying just above this shop. and it opens till 2am! at first it was the singaporean style “order one we share la. try try”. until 5 people ordering 6…


next day.. breakfast was..  DIMSUM!!

dim sum for two. over ordered...

dim sum for two. over ordered…

the best part of dimsum for hipster singaporeans would be the LSB!!!!!!!!
not lup sup bar please.
(if you dont know what LSB stands for, then you are not hipster enough… )
for the benefit of non singaporean, it’s the egg yolk custard bun.









purposely put big big photo
the bun dough is oatmeal mixture. shiok for me only.

the other best thing about this restaurant.. they offer cheap Charsiew rice bento at level one.



they get a big crowd by 11am,



besides being really friendly and patient, they also take great pride in their food.

it costs about 2 Sgd.
you might think it’s what we would normally get in SG. few pieces of charsiew, two slices of cucumber.. thats it..




ya few pieces of charsiew. but VERY BIG pieces. and even half an egg!!! less than 2sgd okie!!

the chef was very kind. when they finished they sales for the day, he offered me some loose slices to try.

WOW ITS SO DELICIOUS. i would pay 5 SGD (in macao)for this. but even for 5 SGD we seldom can get food this good back in sg…


so it’s time for DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!

Mok Yee Kei

Mok Yee Kei

reliable source plus personal guide said this is a must eat.


its this pudding thing topped with biscuit crumbs.

another brand that’s worth trying also is Serrdura. (has a lot more flavours)




settled. done.
walked around… visited places..

IMG_2835 IMG_2836 IMG_2838 IMG_2841


who knows how many Koi Kei bakeries are there in the entire macao.. it’s EVERYWHERE. even more common than 7-11!


after all the walking.. got tired.. so went to…..


no prize for guessing what's this..

no prize for guessing what’s this..

always look at the bigggggger picture...

always look at the bigggggger picture…

THIS IS THE WORLD’S BEST PORTUGUESE EGG TART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
time STOPS and the World SPINS when you put this gem in your mouth.
the crust is crisp to perfection, egg custard soft, creamy and LIGHT.
how is that ever possible!!  reallly regretting blogging at this hour..


chilled out by the beach..
heh not many people know this beautiful place.. yes macao has more than just casinoes..



then my reliable source plus personal guide picked us up for.. DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!


tomato egg soup. AHHHHH

tomato egg soup. AHHHHH




CRAB PORRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i really wonder how my reliable source plus personal guide managed to stay slim in a place thats full of temptations!!

after dinner…. was…. MORE FOOD!


dessert stall 2 minutes away from my apartment. WOO HOO

so that’s how the night ended: happy satisfied and well fed.

Day 3 in macao started AWESOME
because breakfast WAS REALLY GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_2903 IMG_2906 IMG_290420140314_11030820140314_110341



and…  if you didnt know..

there is a cable car ride in macao! probably the shortest distance cable car ride.

20140314_134855 20140314_134959 20140314_144239

the view from the hill.. is breath taking.. though a little overcast…



then.. it was time to say goodbye to Macao… (and hongkong. but it really pales in comparison for me)

I LOVE MACAO!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE MACAO!!!!!!!!!!!

stop staring at the tummy! it’s very well maintained considering alllll the food i have eaten in 5 days.

sorry if this made you hungry..
Tee hee, T.




Hua Hin 2013 the 4th visit (preview!)

2nd visit to Hua Hin vineyard.

2nd visit to Hua Hin vineyard.


2010 Hua Hin Vineyard

*** a little preview of things you can do in Hua Hin for a short 3D2N trip***


first visited in 2006. planned a 2 nights stay but ended up staying for 4 nights.

went back again in 2009 and 2010.


took a train!

took a train!


382 baht. heh. comes with meal also okie. really machiam aeroplane.

kopi, T, or kopi and T?

kopi, T, or kopi and T?

5 hours ride. so there was …



and LUNCH.



all inclusive okie!!!!!!!!

everyone was sleeeeeeeping. but full-batt-forever T was busily looking for subjects to snap.







and finally…..

the famous Hua Hin train station!

the famous Hua Hin train station!

shall let the photos do all the talking..


went to the beach and Khao Takiab as usual..

IMG_1232 IMG_1238 IMG_1251




went to the vineyard again…


Quality wine and really good cakes + main courses. How can i return to Hua Hin and not visit the vineyard again!!


this was the tasting set.  i’m a wine person but i really dont know whats what. so this set was perfect for me.

my first time so Atas okie. wine tasting leh.

they have really QUALITY wine. i can still remember how shiok i felt.

they have flagship range of wines. find out more HERE


besides great wine and delicious food, this place is also splendid for photo taking. hee hee hee

spent 3-4 hours there. and left just before sun sets..

visit in 2010

visit in 2010

visit in 2013.

visit in 2013.

there are also non alcoholic beverage for children. so it’s definitely a family friendly place to visit!


i also went back to Wat Huay Mongkol. with a Enormous Luang Por Thuad’s statue.

frequented by the devotees and locals from throughout the country.

frequented by the devotees and locals from throughout the country.



and of course…

sunrise watching…





the best thing? right in the comfort of my room.
even better? that room cost me only.. 700 baht. (32sgd)

envy much?

teehee, T.